We offer treatments in our Wadhurst treatment room, at Urban RetreatThe Bell in Ticehurst, in The Lodges at New House Farm or in your own home.

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shhh Circles…

Womans circles have existed since ancient times, since before history was recorded and some say they even predate Instagram… In most indigenous cultures, Woman would gather in a circle to pass wisdom, share their experiences and the teachings of those who came before them.

This sisterhood is something women in modern times can particularly benefit from and something we here at Shhh Holistic are keen to reignite.

Our circles are guided by our very own Influencer Shelly in her holistic and expert

style but it is important to know we are all equal, this is a place where labels and job titles can fade into the background and support and encouragement take centre stage.

This is a retreat from the daily grind and barrage of modern life and a rare space where women are actively encouraged to speak openly and be heard and seen without judgement.

Each circle is above all a supportive environment where you will be guided to share your experiences and thoughts and connect with yourself and other women to encourage you to find your voice and address things that no longer serve you.

The circle is completely confidential, and non-judgemental. All emotions are welcome here. (yes, we have plenty of tissues!) It’s a place where you are encouraged to be completely open and honest with yourself and others and where you can be vulnerable and comfortable.

Within the support and love of the circle incredible transformations can take place, the encouragement of sisterhood can allow you to recognise and begin to address issues you have been hiding from others and even yourself and set you on the path of healing and transformation.

Or at least the confidence to post next time, without a filter…

shhh circles ….

Join our trust- tribe in Sussex or london

At least two hours £50 per warrior


The nomadic circle.

Have Shelly come to you with all you need to bring your girl group together

(you just need to supply the tribe )

Timings and price on application


Talking Therapy

It’s good to talk and talking therapy / counselling / coaching is extremely helpful in personal development.

Shelly draws on all the different Modalities she has studied and her personal experiences to design a bespoke therapy package for you.

We all have our own journey and these treatments are to help you make the very best of yours, releasing that which no longer serves you whilst respecting all that has shaped us. 

These sessions can benefit everybody, all ages and locations and include helping to move on from or cope better with;

Life shocks
Terminal illness diagnosis
Life changes
Personal growth
Life skills
Personal difference acceptance
And many others in this vein.

Remote / In-person

50-80 mins

£96 – £140


The Travel Journal

This powerful spiritual treatment involves the laying on of crystals, hands and dousing to help remove any blockages or suppressed energies allowing the chakra wheels to spin correctly and for you to travel forward with your life happier and calmer, having energetically let go of what may have been holding you back.

A very relaxing treatment that can be an emotional journey worth recording!

Chakra Treatment

60 mins



The Guide Book

Angel card readings are a little like tarot cards but without all the hanging men and apparent doom etc…

They are an excellent tool to get to the root of a persons issues in a light hearted way and encourage discussion on how to address and resolve them, whilst offering advice and positive words of wisdom for insight.
And, if you look to your left you will see Big Ben…

Angel Card Readings

30 mins



Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing in the body and mind. It is administered by ‘laying on hands’ and is based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force energy’ flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s ‘life force energy’ is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. It feels different person to person, most feel a heat or electrical fuzzy feeling and all feel wonderful after a treatment… far more Zen and able to take on the world.


60 mins



Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing is an alternative practice that relies on the use of the five senses to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body. Sometimes referred to as insight healing, the practice does not require any type of invasive procedure. Visualisation and focused thinking are often key components in the intuitive healing process. With the assistance of the practitioner, the patient is helped to visualise the blockage and slowly begin to break that blockage down. This may be accomplished by envisioning that the blockage is being dismantled piece by piece, or that the blockage is subjected to healing light and slowly begins to melt away. Whatever the imagery used, the end result is the energy path is clear of any obstruction once again, and the body will soon be back in balance.


60 mins




The Hardback

The “War and Peace” of massage!

Two hours of indulgence!

Starting with an invigorating and exfoliating body brush and moving to a calming and balancing Reki healing, then on to our signature top to toe massage starting gently then addressing the deeper tissue and culminating with muscle relaxing facial techniques, eventually floating you into the final balancing stage, hopefully leaving your worries and stress behind…

Top to Toe Treatment

120 mins



The Paperback

The full story just without the epilogue.

An eighty minute full body massage that really is full body.

From top to toe, you can decide if you prefer deep tissue or feather soft or anywhere in-between, using organic hand poured essential oils and including elements of Reiki, Ko Bi Do and Balinese massage.

Full Body Massage

80 mins



The Short Story

No time for the epic novel? Try the Readers Digest version;

We all have our aches and pains that demand attention; this bespoke massage is tailored to your liking, head neck and shoulder? Or the full fifty minutes on your back or legs or even little finger the choice is yours!

Let us know your preference and we are happy to oblige.

Bespoke Massage

50 mins



What to expect when you’re expecting

CONGRATULATIONS! Whether this is your first or twenty first, new mummies need to take some time to relax and prepare mentally and physically for their new delivery. With all your senses heightened by the bump and lots of changes in your body and hormones it’s a wonderful time to enjoy a treatment together. We know how fabulous it is to be pregnant but if you’re in that “green” stage our “Vomm Be Gone” range will help to relive your sickness gently and safely.

We love helping mummies with their aches and pains and delight in connecting and relaxing you and baby. Your treatment will be calming and gentle and include a full body and face massage along with Reiki healing for both mummy and baby and can cater for the tiniest to most mammoth of bumps comfortably. Just don’t expect Cameron Diaz… P.S. Sob away ladies we totally get it xxxx

Pregnacy treatment

80-120 mins

£140 – £180


Pop Up Book

It might be a borderline perilous understatement to say that you are tired and a little emotional right now, so let us look after you for an hour or two and send you back to the family new and refreshed, all be it ready for another set of night feeds…

We will help you to sleep and calm your mind for a while, so you and baby will be happier as mummy is relaxed after her treatment.

Tell us what you need or just let us take charge for this moment the choice is totally yours.
Allow us to unfold you back to standing tall, ready to fend off more “is he sleeping through the night yet?” comments…

P.S. If you’re breast feeding or just cant bare to leave baby we will be delighted to include them.

Post pregnancy treatment

60-120 mins

£100 – £180


The Trust

We have our very own product line developed specifically for people undergoing traditional cancer treatments such as chemo, radio and hormone therapies.
With this in mind it is scent free as some side effects make familiar things smell ‘different’ at best, unpleasant at worst.

Your treatment is tailored to your personal situation, the massage gentle, healing and relaxing.

If your constitution is up to it, we can include one of our aromatherapy based boosting serums;
‘Vomm Be Gone’, ‘Itch Away’ or ‘Smell Me Happy’ which do exactly what they say on the tin.

This part of your life’s journey is most likely causing you stress, anxiety, possible headaches and pain. Our massage will endeavour to relieve some, or all, of these symptoms and allow you some much needed “you time”

Enabling you, we hope, to leave feeling positive about the future and more calm of mind.

Oncology safe treatment

80 mins




The Flux Capacitor

Rewind time, for your skin at least, with this radio frequency and micro-needling wonder treatment.

Under eye bags and saggy jowls can now be a thing of the past!

Starting with an application of anesthetising cream you relax for a 40 min energy balancing treatment.

Then we take this baby up to 88 miles per hour!

Radio frequency is delivered via fine needles to heat the connective tissue to 43 degrees, breaking down the main structural protein, collagen.

Over the following 6 weeks this reforms much stronger and tighter making the face or body look smoother, lifted and younger

We may not be able to take you all the way back to1985 but great scott! The results are impressive!

90 mins

£750 for single treatment

A course of five treatments is recommended.
One treatment every six weeks.

Buy five for the price of three!
£2250 for the full course.


The Novel

Our facial is derived from the ancient finger walking and muscle stimulation technique of Ko Bi Do, dating back to the 14th Century and favoured by Japanese empresses.

Ko Bi Do’s goal is to produce immediate lifting results through the incorporation of Shiatsu movements, lymphatic drainage techniques to remove toxins and therapeutic massage, to stimulate the facial nerves and improve blood flow, like an exercise for the face, relaxing the muscles and in turn relaxing the wrinkles, giving smoother and younger looking skin.

The products used are all hand poured, organic and individually made for your particular needs. You will also receive a gift of your bespoke serum to continue the treatment at home….

You wont be able to put it down!

50-80 mins

£96 – £180


The Manuscript

This facial is a high-pressure blast of oxygen that feeds serums packed with vitamins, minerals and collagen into your skin. The result is a clearer, plumper, smoother face and a younger looking you. An immediate change in appearance is common and as oxygen is a purifier it also kills surface bacteria, which helps to keep skin clear.

Oxygen levels in the skin diminish considerably with age, smoking and exposure to air pollution. The oxygen levels reaching your facial tissues via natural blood micro-circulation can drop by as much as 70% by the time you’re just thirty. In other words, the less oxygen in your skin the more visible fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

The Plus with Vitamin and Aromatherapy Serum
This serum is made up of all the essential ingredients rich in amino acids, vitamin B, C & E for healthy beautiful looking skin and includes bespoke ingredients for your skin type

The Luxe Eighty minute facial with microdermabrasion, Hyaluronic acid and vitamin serum
Microdermabrasion is the perfect start for this treatment that tops up the Hyaluronic acid lost from your skin over time.
The essential water is drawn back to the surface plumping out fine lines, healing bruising, reducing greyness, rosacea, and general wear and tear.

For the best ongoing result a course of 5 is recommended; once a week moving to once a month, however the treatment does deliver an immediate result that improves over twenty-four hours.

*treatments must be paid for in one transaction.

The Plus

50 mins


Course of 5
5% discount

Course of 10
Receive the 11th treatment free*


The Luxe

80 mins


Course of 5
5% discount

Course of 10
Receive the 11th treatment free*


The Re-Issue

Excellent for improving the complexion, removing dull skin, and revealing the fresh younger layers beneath.

A fine jet of abrasive crystals painlessly breaks down and removes dead skin cells layer by layer, whilst a vacuum lifts away all the dirt and debris from the surface, stimulating the blood flow and encouraging your body’s natural collagen renewal. This treatment is great for congested skin, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is very effective in acne treatment to help remove acne scarring, lift pigmentation and smoothing inclusions.

The sequel – you WILL be better than the original!


40 mins



Spot The Difference

Acne is no joke and when it hits, no matter what your age it can be very upsetting. Dependant on what is going on, we will offer a microdermabrasion treatment course close together to remove the inclusions with skincare, dietary and supplement advise.

Before Cruella snatches you!

Acne Treatment

60 mins


Course of 10 for £1,035



The Encyclopedia

The full works! A to Z and top to toe. Spend an indulgent afternoon in our care.
A full five hours of decadence with a complimentary high tea and a large goodie box to keep up the good work.

The Guide Book – angel card readings
The Hardback
Reki Healing
The Manuscript Lux facial

The reference book for indulgence!

The full works




The Dictionary

The definition of luxury!

This three hour package includes;
The Guide Book – angel card readings
Reki Healing
The Short Story massage
The Novel facial
And high tea with our compliments to enjoy at your leisure.

Definition of Luxury